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My Cycling Fitness Benchmark

I love just about every aspect of cycling. I enjoy the feeling of success that comes from reaching the summit of a climb like Reddish Knob in Virginia or the final half mile up to Mt. Baldy.

I only compete in time trial events these days; on the road and in the velodrome. [I am super lucky to live just 30 minutes from the indoor velodrome at StubHub Center in Carson, California – Velosportscenter.]

I use a 500 meter time trial as my personal fitness metric. My best time in the velodrome is 41 seconds from a standing start. My best ever 500 meters along Ballona Creek was 31 seconds, but that must have been with a hurricane force tail wind. My best time since that day has been 36 seconds in 2016.

My outside 500 meter time matches pretty darn well with my riding fitness climbing.

What’s your fitness metric? Do you have a particular Strava segment you use?

Post and let me know.